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Magnetic Field Strength ampere per metre A/m
Magnetic Flux weber Wb V s
m2 kg s-2 A-1
Magnetic Flux Density tesla T Wb/m2
kg s-2 A-1
Molar Energy joule per mole J/mol m2 kg s-2 mol-1
Molar Entropy / Molar Heat Capacity joule per mole kelvin J/(mol K) m2 kg s-2 K-1 mol-1
Moment of Force newton meter N m M2 kg s-2
Permeability henry per metre H/m m kg s-2 A-2
Permittivity farad per metre F/m m-3 kg-1 s4 A2
Power / Radiant Flux watt W J/s
m2 kg s-3
Pressure / Stress pascal Pa N/m2
m-1 kg s-2
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